• “Involve and Sweet Spot represent a substantial leap in surround sound technology. After hearing the Akoustos Y4 system, I can say that it clearly out preforms the competition and provides a much better overall listening experience.”
    Dwight Shultz - Hollywood Actor
  • Winner of the 2018 Stereo Net "Best Innovation" Award Melbourne, Australia "We are just beginning to show off this technology, and we hope to see the same enthusiasm as we have been enjoying at our future shows."
    Dawson Johns - Involve Audio
  • "In addition to providing a much better surround field (using the stereo layer) from those multichannel SACDs lacking a sufficient signal on the surrounds, the Surround Master created terrific sound fields from older 2-channel Dolby Surround CDs, UHJ Ambisonic CDs and LPs, and Circle Surround CDs."
    John Sunier - Audiophile Magazine
  • "When used in a 4 speaker system, the Sound Master accurately reproduces the audio you expect to hear, but then adds in what was hidden to produce a surround sound-field. The actual process doesn’t care what the stereo audio source is — the sound cues that have been recorded are brought out and given a distinct “location” in space relative to where they were during the recording. The results are superior to that of existing psycho-acoustic surround sound effects"
    Marshal Rosenthal - Gadet Review
  • “I was so impressed with the technology that when I was asked to join the Involve Advisory Board, I said yes! When you listen to music with this system, you are in for a real treat!”
    Richie Furay, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member
  • "When you listen to music with the Acoustos Y4, you get to "rediscover" the music that you have been missing all along!"
    David Spero - Manager for Joe Walsh, Cat Stevens...